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Encouraging personal hygiene in teenagers Blog.

Puberty is a difficult time for everyone. Teen’s bodies begin to develop in ways they do not understand, and their hygiene habits also must develop. Hygiene for teens can be a difficult subject to bring up. However, foster carers must aim to help teens develop good hygiene habits to help them prepare for adulthood.

It is important to recognise when a teenager is struggling to maintain personal levels of hygiene. For example, an unwillingness to take regular showers or a surprising lack of underwear or school uniform that needs to be washed at the end of the week. Teens who have come from homes of neglect could be unaware of how best to look after themselves.

If you are struggling to encourage your foster child to adopt good hygiene, you should first try to find out the potential factors at play. Approach the topic cautiously and ask if there is a reason why they are not dedicating as much time to hygiene maintenance as they should be.

It could help to go shopping with them to pick out suitable products and explain how to use them correctly. The challenge is likely to be greater for young people struggling with self-esteem or depression issues. In these cases, it could be beneficial to seek counselling advice from your fostering agency.

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