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Fostering Information

Fostering is looking after children for short periods, months, years and sometimes permanently. Fostering is looking after children of all ages and from many different backgrounds. Foster caring is a partnership which focuses on the needs of the child. Foster carers, parents and social workers all work together. Fostering is a service where you will care for other people’s children in your home.

Fostering can be challenging and stressful but it is often fun, can be enormously rewarding and you will get lots of help. Fostering provides homes for children for many different reasons, maybe because of a crisis in the child’s family, abuse, alcohol or drug addictions or parents who are unable to cope.

Becoming a London Foster Carer.

As a Foster Carer, you will be able to decide the types of children best suited to you and your family. Brothers and sisters who need to stay together, children with special needs, teenagers, asylum seeking youngsters and mothers and their children all need foster homes.

Whatever your age or personal circumstances you can become a foster carer. As long as you have the commitment and room in your home and room in your heart to look after a child, you can help make a huge difference to a child’s life. To find out more and to enquire if you can become a foster carer contact us.