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Transfer Fostering Agency

Changing your current fostering agency

Foster carers decide to change fostering agencies for a variety of reasons. Foster carers who have transferred their approval with our help have told us:

  • That they had not been properly supported
  • Their fostering fees and allowances were not competitive
  • That not enough training or respite had not been offered to them.

Some foster carers told us that they experienced long periods of time without a child placed. As a foster carer, you are free to choose the fostering agency you foster for. We provide a free fostering agency transfer service for foster carers. Our qualified social workers are experienced in working with carers who would like to transfer from their current agency.

Find out more about your rights, how we help you to find the best fostering agency for you and your family and how we act on your behalf in confidence, to transfer agency.

Free transfer and agency matching service

London Fostering website provides a free and confidential service available to approved foster carers who want to transfer to another fostering agency.

As other people do in most jobs, foster carers may decide that it is time to move on and to change to another agency who may offer better support, allowances, training, respite and choice of placements.

If you make an enquiry, we assess your situation then identify a number of suitable fostering agencies for you to choose from.

If you decide to use our service and have children in placement at the time of transfer, we will pay you an annual fee for each child as long as you are registered with the new agency and the child/children remain placed with you.

Contact us for more details.